Presentation of our professional activity

Our association,the Association of the Nephritic Patients in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County was founded in 1989 as an initative of the nephritic patients. The actual number of our members is approx. 200, wich chenges almost each day, since more and more patients are handled whit nephritic illnesses or are treated with an artficial kidney. Our activity covers the whole area of this county. Since 1999 we are working as a non-profit organization, our association is authorized to collect the 1% of the personal income-taxes.

Our purposes are:

-to stand for the interest of the patients being in the diffrent phases of the nephritic illness

-to form the nephritic patients into a community where the members help and know each other

The members of our association can be classified into three main groups:

The first group consists of the patients who come to the ambulatorium of Nyíregyháza once or twice a month, where the doctors the condition of their kidneys with blood and urine analyses.

The second and biggest group is formed by the patients who receive an artificial kidney treatment (three times 4 hours a week) in the Dialysis center, in Nyíregyháza,in Kisvárda or in Mátészalka, maintained by B.Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt.

The third group is formed by the patients who went trough a successful kidney trasplantatoin and are still members of our association.

Since our association is a non-profit organization, subsists itself on donations, on dues (HUF2000/member/year) and on tenders. Almost each member of our association gets disability pension and in most of the cases tries tomaintain their families on it, that’s hhy it is very important that our programs are costless.

We share out booklets, brochures and buy blood-pressure apparatus, wich are lent to our members for a symbolic free (HUF: 50/ month) for an undefined of time. With the help of experts we have made an information tape on the illness, which was ginen to all of the dialyzed patients. Generally, we buy the medicines essential for the nephritic patients, since these medicines are usually not cost-free.

Moreover, our activity is to make analysis of circumstances and to forward it to the Authorities, and also to manage one-shot aids, increase of pensions, supports due to disability or decay of condition.

We have bought sweat-pants and T-shirt to be used during dialysis even for the patients who are not members of the association.

We managed to compile a booklet wich advises the patients how certain official issues

should be managed (e.g. inquiry of incapacitation, one-shot aid) and contains the rules of law related to disabled persons.

We have prepared informative publications (DVD,CD,leaflet).

Every year we organize our kidney worldday event for the public.

Our purpose is to find and maintain contact with associations made up by patients of similar destiny in order to gain useful experiences and to develop our association by further programs.

Address and contact person:
Name of the association:
Association of the Nephritic Patients in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County,
Postal address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Szilvavölgy sétány 10-14. A/fsz.1., Hungary
Contact person:
Name: Mrs Szuhai Judit
Title: Association Chairman
Phone: +36 70 523 8554